I leave significant room for personal projects, I believe it's the best way to try new things, get out of
our comfort zone and always stay creative. This allow us to experiment with new techniques prior to
apply them on corporate movies.
Having grown up in a Mont Dore (France) ski shop has certainly helped me to be a mountain lover.
Always driven by the desire to show my native region and resort at its best, I decided to follow the
teams preping the station everyday (trackers, groomers, fireworks, etc..).
Shot w/ Canon 5dmkiii & Sony FS 700

Sunset at the top ! Le Mont Dore - Sancy
Ski patrol - Preventing avalanche maintenance
Night motorized Timelaps with kessler gear on the mountain ridge
Hiking to the top at night (Yes it's a moon)
Ski patrol preventing avalanches with dynamite stick

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